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Tinder app review

Tinder app review :

Gone are the days when our parents used to find our life partner, all our role was to marry them and plan our future with them. But today’s generation, the brainy one find their life partner themselves only after all we are the who has to spend their entire life with that person and obviously until love and understanding is not there, no one can live happily and happiness is of prime importance to everyone.

Tinder app review

tinder app review
tinder app review

Tinder has brought all of us a platform where we can look for the right person whom we can spend all our life with. The one whom with our thinking matches and whom with we share common interests. It let us get to know people from all across the globe whom we have not met if we were not on Tinder. It’s has so many amazing feature which have indeed helped this application in standing out among all the online dating applications. so, in this very article we are going to talk about the advantages and also some of its disadvantages. So, without wasting anymore time let’s quickly jump on to it.

Advantages of Tinder

Some advantages of tinder which have made it the biggest online dating application.

  • It has more than 50 million active users who spend more than 90 minutes on Tinder everyday on an average. This means you won’t be running out of people and also will get the best results for you.
  • It automatically syncs your profile details from Facebook, and hence majority of people out there on Tinder are genuine until and unless they have got a fake Facebook account.
  • It will post only those pictures from Facebook which you allow it to. Without permission it won’t do anything on its own.
  • It will look for the best matches for you and also suggests you people from nearby.
  • It will look how many common Facebook friends you have, so it would be easy for you guys to meet or plan a date.
  • It won’t let any stranger to get to you without your permission. Unlike most dating sites it won’t allow any stranger to start messaging you.
  • It you are interested in someone and superliked him, he won’t get to know about it until and unless he likes you back.
  • It has got a very handy and impressive user interface.

Disadvantages of Tinder

As not everything is perfect, things which have pros also has cons. Similarly, Tinder has also got disadvantages and some of them are pointed out below.

  • The very first disadvantage is that it need to be connected to Facebook and if someone doesn’t have a Facebook account, he cannot sign up for Tinder.
  • Also if someone has a fake Facebook account he will automatically have a fake Tinder account.
  • Mostly the boys are there for small hook-ups. So, if you want a serious relationship, you will hardly find any here.
  • Not every match turns out to good, you can have a worst dating experience.
  • It’s hard to be with only one person there because you will keep on getting better suggestions.
  • It could prove to be very addictive which has the potential to spoil your life.

So, now you know the pros and cons of Tinder. So, take the step wisely.


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