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Tinder Apk Download, Tinder Unlimited Likes :

Tinder is an application that helps you finding a date easily. It is a location based dating application which uses the social discovery service with the help of facebook credentials. This makes the communication easy between the mutual interested persons. This allows the persons to chat virtually in a private environment and can make up with real date or remain friends. Tinder is originated from the hatch labs in the year 2012. This app got its prominence from the year 2014 with 1 billion swipes a day. Swiping to the right makes it a good match and swiping to the left moves to the next profile match. This app is available for Android and IOS devices only up to now.


The Developers are IAC, Inter Active Corporation, are working on the apps segment to bring out the app in various platforms. Tinder is now one of the top 30 social networking apps available on the market and one of the best 5 dating apps available in different platforms. In the beginning of the app, the users are exposed to two hearts. One heart is of green color and the other one is of red color. If you like a profile and would like to connect, you need to press the green colored heart and if the person is not of your interest, you need to press the red colored heart. The swiping was implemented to make tinder convenient to use and user friendly out of all the dating apps available up to date.

Tinder app is available for Android devices either online or offline.

Tinder app in all android devices can be downloaded from the google play store. For downloading the Tinder app from the Google Play Store, first tap on Play store and search for Tinder. The first result will be tinder and the publisher is also Tinder. Tap on install and wait for 2 minutes depending on the network or wi – fi. After installing, you can find the Tinder app in your apps list.

Downloading from the play store is quite easy but it may sometimes show many errors like google account sync error, 404 error type problem and many more errors. So, I am going to give you a nice tutorial of installing Tinder app in your Android mobile without the Google play store and internet connectivity. You can install the Tinder app without internet connectivity but you need a working internet connection for the tinder app to initialize and work.

Tutorial for installing Tinder app offline-

Just follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial and you can successfully install the Tinder app without any errors and hassle free. Make sure you have enough internal memory and working internet connectivity to the Android device.

  1. You need to download the tinder apk file from the given link below.


  1. After downloading from theapk file from the above link you need to copy the apk file to the internal memory or external memory storage of your smartphone device.
  2. Now open any file manager application and go to the directory where you have copied the apk file.
  3. You can find the copied apk file and when you click on it, there may be two types of chances.
  4. First chance is the installation will be successful but the second chance is the installation is blocked.
  5. When the installation fails, don’t worry. Just go to settings at the time when blocked by the app and find for unknown sources.
  6. The unknown sources will be un-ckecked and so the installation from the outer or unknown sources are blocked temporarily.
  7. Once you check the box of unknown sources, you can install the apk file in your android device.
  8. You can find the unknown sources in the device administration tab which can be found in security function in settings. It changes from phone to phone.
  9. Even if you face any difficulty in installing the apk file in your android device, there will be only one problem, i.e., the file parsing problem.tinder app download


  1. This problem is due to the incomplete downloading of apk file or corrupted apk file. When you face this sort of problem, just delete the apk file you have already downloaded and re download the apk file from the fresh link. This helps to eliminate the errors during the installation of the Tinder app.
  2. Even if there are frequent crashes in the app or if the app is continuously force closing, then uninstall the app from the apps drawer or settings. Then download Clean master from the play store or apk file, just install the clean master normally and open it. Clean all the cache and then install the newly downloaded tinder apk file with the help of a file manager. It is recommended to use ES file explorer to use as a file explorer.
  3. Make sure you have internet connectivity while using the tinder app and for installing the tinder app, you need no internet connection.

This is the end of the tutorial and you have successfully completed installing the tinder app in your android device without internet connection ( Offline ). Your GPS must be on, so that correct location can be determined and matching profiles can be searched. In Marshmallow update of Android, you need to grant permissions for messaging, location and many more for the complete functioning of the Tinder app. These permissions will pop up automatically while using the app and you need to press on grant. There are many bugs in the versions and are covered in the next versions. Make sure you install the latest version of the apk file. Some latest versions also have bugs and glitches. It is advisable to download and install the final apk file from the link and use it without updating the app until the next final version is released.


Tinder is the world’s hottest app stated by the Forbes and enjoy your dating with tinder on your android device.

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