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How to Use Tinder ?

How to Use Tinder ? :

How to use Tinder app
How to use Tinder app

What is love? Have you ever experienced it? They say when you are in love everything seems monotonous except the world where only your soulmate lives. Many times you don’t meet your soulmate early in your life because true love worth the wait.

Many times the people around you do not interests you or do not share common interest with you resulting in you remaining single for the rest of your life because it’s better to live a life alone than to be with someone who doesn’t understands you.

But there is this application where you will find people of your interest whom with you can share unlimited texts and become friends or you could also plan a date out with them if you are interested. This application is named Tinder which is one of the leading application in online dating app’s world.

Today, in this article I will tell you how to use Tinder. So let’s get started.

How you can use Tinder and enjoy all of its services?

The very first step is to download this application on your phone. To download this application from Google Play Store, follow the steps listed below.

  • Run the Play Store application on your android Smartphone.
  • On the search box of it type ‘Tinder’ and search for it.
  • Once the results appear, find the official app and tap on install after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Once installation is completed, you can run the application on your phone.

Now, you must login to tinder if you want to use it.

  • You can only login to Tinder via Facebook (if you are not on Facebook then you cannot login to Tinder, so make sure you must have a Facebook ID). This will help tinder to suggest people closer to you on the basis of your location. Also, it requires the latest version of Facebook application installed in your smartphone.

Now, you must update your profile to get the correct matches for you.

How to Use Tinder

  • In order to update your information on Tinder you must update all the information on Facebook such as age, location, brief description, interest etc. Make sure that all of the information you have provided is public and all the photos on Facebook you wish to share on tinder at least is visible to your Facebook friends.
  • There will an ‘edit profile’ option at the upper right side and then you can manage pictures and edit description.

Some basic features which will enhance your experience with it.

  • Tap on the upper left side and go to the setting tab where you can change the setting according to you.
  • Tap on discovery preferences where you can provide some information like age range etc. help Tinder to find matches of your choice.

Some basic features you need to know when Tinder suggests you people.

How to Use Tinder

  • Swiping left will pass that person.
  • Swiping right will let you connect with the person who is interested in you.
  • Swiping up will ‘superlike’ him/her which means you are interested on that person and if you superlike him/her back, then it’s a Match which will allow you to converse.
  • You can even send messages by clicking on message option and also see the location by clicking on the respective icon.

I hope all these information proved to be productive to you.


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